Xmas pre-release of The Mall, and a free sample of Harbinger of the Storm

For the past week I’ve been too busy to do more than gaze lovingly at my awesome new Kindle nevermind read anything on the gorgeous little thing, so the book reviews have had to take a backseat. I will however, keep my sleep-deprived brain awake a little longer to share some book news worth checking out.

First up: The Mall by S.L. Grey. As mentioned in my previous post, it’s a South African horror novel set in, well, a mall, and it looks like it could be a lot of good creepy fun. I thought I’d have to wait until June 2011 to find out, but guess what – you could set your eyes on a copy in a mere two weeks from today! Publishers Corvus are running a 12 Days of Kindle promotion where they will be offering 12 of their Kindle titles (including The Mall) for just £1 each from Christmas until 6 January. £1! Nothing gets my wallet out faster than the words “cheap books”, so I’ve already put a reminder on my phone and I suggest you do the same. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle reader from Amazon. The promotion is for those with an Amazon.co.uk account, but rumour has is that South African and Australian readers will be able to buy The Mall from Amazon.com. You can get the full list of titles and other info here.

Secondly, you can now get a free sample of Aliette de Bodard’s upcoming novel Harbinger of the Storm. Attempts to embed the sample on this blog proved me to be somewhat less tech-savvy than I’d thought, so you’ll have to make do with the humble link and read it on publisher Angry Robot’s website. Harbinger of the Storm is the sequel to her debut novel Servant of the Underworld, which I recently reviewed. The fantasy series, entitled Obsidian and Blood, is set in the Aztec Empireand brings to life its mythology of capricious gods, blood-fuelled magic and mythical realms. Aliette assured me that we’ll be seeing a lot more of my two favourite characters – Mihmatini (a young priestess with a strong talent for magic) and Teomitl (a bold young warrior) – in Book 2. Enjoy!


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