The Book Ferret: The Moleskine Book Journal

It’s a digital age and as a result I imagine that most people who keep track of the books they collect, read and want, do so using sites like Goodreads and LibraryThing, or create Excel files to handle the info. But in the same way that the eBook hasn’t changed how much we love to turn paper pages to curl up with a real book, I like to keep some of my reading records on paper with a pen.

Hence, my Moleskine Book Journal.



It has alphabetically tabbed pages for you to fill in details of your books, with space for quotes, brief notes, short reviews and ratings. There are also blank tabbed sections, an index for you to fill in as you add your reads and sections, and a set of stickers for ease of reference and decoration. All in all, highly customisable and bookishly quaint.


Besides recording what I’ve read, I use my journal for:

  • Keeping track of reading challenges
  • Wishlists, so that when I find myself in a book store or library I’m saved from that blank moment of being unable to remember any of the books I want to get.
  • Jotting down things to google

If you’re doing research, it would also be handy for keeping track of sources. If you aren’t already feeling that bibliophilic itch, here are some pictures of mine:

Buy a Moleskine Book Journal


The Book Ferretis a weekly feature on Violin in a Void that will showcase a cool or interesting book-related find every Thursday. Notable new releases, great bookshops, events, cover art, websites, gadgets and accessories – anything to make bookworms happy.

If you want to join in, grab the Ferret pic, link it and your post back here, and add your name and url to the comments.


3 thoughts on “The Book Ferret: The Moleskine Book Journal

  1. Ok, I want one now! I always get these books to write stuff in, and then I never do, but this one is so pretty, I need it! lol

    Thanks for sharing Lauren… I might just get super organised this way

    • Hehe, yes, it’s lovely, although I’ll admit it hasn’t made me much more organised. But then again that would take a miracle.

      If you do get one, don’t buy it at EB – they charge over R200. Book Depository is selling it for just under R140.

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