Giveaway party! Win free books, VIP passes and a Kindle!

Four books, four authors, four weeks of contests! Indie publisher 1889 Labs is hosting blog tour for the month of May, and for their tour they’ll be giving away loads of awesome stuff – eBooks, paperbacks, Amazon gift vouchers, VIP tickets  for their upcoming releases and, best of all, a Kindle!

1889 Labs is the publisher of the zombie love anthology Hungry for You by A.M. Harte. If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out. You can read my review here, as well as my interview with the author. Hungry for You  is one of the books up for grabs in tour, as well as:
Typhoon by MCM
Bears, Recycling and Confusing Time Paradoxes by Greg X. Graves
Intern with the Vampire by Kit Iwasaki

Every week there will be mini giveaways for one of these books, as well a wider giveaway of a $10 Amazon gift voucher and an 1889 Labs paperback of your choice. Keep a close eye on the 1889 Labs blog for details on how and where to enter.

On 9 May Violin in a Void will host a giveaway of Bears, Recycling and Confusing Time Paradoxes, with a guest post by the author Greg X. Graves. By leaving a comment on that post, you will be entered into the giveaway for a copy of Greg’s eBook, and you’ll stand a chance to win that week’s $10 Amazon voucher and 1889 Labs paperback.

As mentioned, there are plenty more prizes, and loads of ways to enter, starting with something as simple and easy as a comment on one of 1889 Labs blog posts in May. More details from their site:

Well, we’re also running a grand giveaway across all four weeks! Up for grabs this month only:

3rd Place: A backstage pass! Get an advance ebook copy of the next title we’ll publish in June 2011!

2nd Place: A VIP ticket, granting you access to advance copies of every ebook we’ll publish this year, before anyone else gets ahold of them! You can’t say no to 10+ free ebooks!

1st Place: A VIP ticket for 10+ free advance ebooks as outlined above aaaand…. a KINDLE!! #yesreally

Join the fun!

Want a chance to win that Kindle? You know you do!

Enter the grand giveaway NOW!

1. Leave a comment on every post we publish this month with the pink Party Like It’s 1889 logo — including THIS post! Each comment is worth one entry into the grand giveaway!

2. Get tweeting! Use the hashtag #1889party and get your friends involved! Each tweet counts as one entry!

3. Visit often! Nearly every day 1889 Labs will have a new post up with author interviews, behind-the-scenes information, games, giveaways and lots of extra little tricks to earn more chances of winning!

4. Want TEN instant extra entries? Go to 1889 Labs’ facebook page and post a photo of yourself reading an 1889 Labs book — either in print or ebook!

Own more than one 1889 Labs book? Post a picture for each for evenmore chances to win that luscious Kindle, those VIP tickets, and backstage pass!

And if you’re camera-shy? Put up a photo of your cat reading our book instead. Or your teddy bear. Or your cactus plant. If it’s got our book, we’re happy.

What’s that, you say? You don’t own any of our books? Sheesh! What rock have you been hiding under?

To recap: every party-related comment or tweet is worth 1 entry, and every photo you upload to Facebook is worth 10!

The deadline for all entries is May 31 at 11:59pm EDT so get cracking, and get snapping! You want that Kindle, don’t you?!

because it is!Tune in tomorrow to meet our first author up to bat, MCM, who is piloting his way through outer space trying to find lucky winners for the first mini giveaway! Do YOU want to be a winner?

Here’s a little tip from me for the Facebook photos – all 1889 Labs books can be read for free on their site! So what are you waiting for? Get busy and good luck!

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