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After sitting on my high horse for quite some time, muttering about how Facebook offered more than enough social inanity and I really didn’t want to be a twit, I got down and admitted that Twitter looked useful. Pretty useful. A lot better than Facebook. And that maybe I was missing out. And then a friend called it “the thinking man’s Facebook” which I thought was perhaps a little bit pretentious but I confess that it swayed me nevertheless.

So I am happy to announce you can now follow me on twitter @Violin_InA_Void 🙂

I’ll be keeping things purely literary and using it only to tweet about books and writing-related topics, while following authors, publishers, literary mags, and other book bloggers who fall within my areas of interest. If you’d like to enter any future giveaways on Violin in a Void, you can do so by following me on twitter.

To friends, family, and acquaintances I only vaguely remember from school, I will offer my apologies now: I still feel that Facebook provides more than enough information on who had what for lunch and how hard it was to get up this morning, and while I really do love to hear from most of you, I will not be following you unless you are an author, book blogger, or are tweeting on behalf of a publisher or literary magazine. Sorry.

On a friendlier note, if you tweet about books (speculative fiction in particular) and you think I should be following you, let me know and I promise to check out your profile 🙂

4 thoughts on “Now on Twitter

  1. It says you don’t exist?

    Well, if you’re still looking for authors and pub types to follow, I’d suggest @hannahmosk as one, she’s a YA author whose blog posts are a wonderful lens into the industry and tend to spur some good debate.

  2. Ack, sorry! Made a last minute username change and I forgot to fix the links. Thanks for the heads-up; it’s now working.

    Thanks for the follow suggestion. I’m not a big YA fan but since I tend to find myself discussing it anyway, her tweets could be really interesting.

    • YA is changing fast. It’s become an entirely other beast than what people tend to think of it as. Hannah writes books that are the bastard love children of Palahniuk and (early) Irving, kept sharp and short. It’ll be interesting to watch her style grow.

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