On My Shelf: Douglas Adams

On My Shelf is a new monthly meme started by KJ Mulder over at Worlds in Ink and it’s all about sharing the books on your shelf in alphabetical order, according to author. For July we’re kicking off with A & B. It’s a very chilled-out meme, so you can plan it in any way you like, and post at any time of the month, any number of times you like. And who doesn’t like to show off some of their books?

I’ve got quite a few A & B authors on my shelf, so for this month I’m going to do the collections I have from specific authors. As you may have guessed, it’s Douglas Adams today. Check it out:


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is my favourite series; I can pick up any of the books whenever I want something light and have a good read, even if I just open a book at random and start reading in the middle. The Dirk Gently books are lots of fun too and quite funny, although not as good as the guide. I’m missing the second book however, The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul. It’s one of those books I always put off buying because I’d already read it and wanted it solely for collection purposes.

The Deeper Meaning of Liff is an extremely funny ‘dictionary’ with strange place names that Douglas Adams and John Lloyd have used as new words for things and experiences that don’t have names yet. Example:

Gress (vb.) (Rare) To stick to the point during a family argument.

Scranny (vb.) A curious-shaped duster given to you by your mother which on closer inspection turns out to be half an underpant.

There are some South African places they’ve used:

Epping (n.) The futile movements of eyebrows and forefingers used when failing to attract the attention of waiters and barmen.

Pofadder (n.) A snake that can’t be bothered to bite you.

Skoonspruit (n.) The tiny garden-sprinkler thing your mouth does sometimes for no apparent reason.

My Hitchhiker’s Books are from a box set:

I bought it at the end of an Exclusive Books’ sale for a ridiculously small amount of money (R50 if not less). I was ecstatic to have found a copy and appalled that no one had bought it yet. As you can see from the box, it’s a movie tie-in. However, I a). HATE movie tie-in covers and; b). HATE that Martin Freeman movie they made. At least it was only the first book had a movie tie-in cover. I already had my own copy of that, luckily in the same editions as all the others (just a little older and a bit worn), so I gave away the movie cover book and replaced it with my own.


5 thoughts on “On My Shelf: Douglas Adams

  1. I know that you posted this awhile ago but do you have the isbn to the commemorative edition of the first book? I have been searching everywhere for it.

    • Sure, here you go: ISBN 0330258648

      I searched for it on Book Depository and Amazon though, and it doesn’t specifically say “Commemorative Edition” on the top, although the cover is the same.

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