Return of The Book Ferret

It’s about time I brought The Book Ferret feature back. I put it on hold because I was moving to Ethiopia and was struggling to find the time for blogging, but now I’m well settled and I keep stumbling across things that would be perfect for Book Ferret posts. So I’m bringing it back 🙂

With a few changes. Instead of posting every Thursday, I’ll be posting whenever I find something interesting, which means I don’t have to wait if I find loads of cool stuff, nor do I have to come up with something random and just because it’s Thursday and I haven’t found anything really great to write a post about.

The second change, is that I’m no longer going to run The Book Ferret as a meme. It wasn’t really working out as one, with only a few people taking part. I’d like to thank those who did though, especially Lu and Niecole who had a post for every week of the feature.

Anyone is still welcome to do a Book Ferret post of they wish though. It’s basically a way of sharing anything book-related that you’ve found – gadgets, websites, book stores, events, cover art, quotes, new releases, etc. – anything you think bookworms will enjoy hearing about. Since it’s not a meme, there’s no schedule, you can just post whenever you find something bookish and want to tell others about it. If you do so, you may use the picture here, but please link it back to Violin in a Void. Leave a comment on this post or the latest one and I will be sure to mention you in my next Book Ferret.

5 thoughts on “Return of The Book Ferret

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