The Book Ferret: Genre in the Mainstream at has lots of great features, and here’s one I particularly like – Genre in the Mainstream:

“Genre in the Mainstream” is a regular blog series which highlights authors and novels who employ genre elements in stories that are generally considered mainstream literary fiction. We’re not claiming these writers for the science fiction and fantasy camps, but rather asserting that if you like genre fiction, you’ll probably like these mainstream literary writers, as well.

I like weird fiction and I find that when a novel intertwines elements of science fiction, fantasy and/or horror into what might otherwise be considered ‘normal’ fiction, the result doesn’t fit easily into any category and turns out to be a lot weirder than anything you’d typically find in science fiction, fantasy or horror. I think it’s the way the unfamiliar, the unknown or the downright bizarre co-exists with the usual that makes it so unsettling and enjoyable. Have you seen the movie Donnie Darko? That’s an example of the kind of experience I’m talking about.

The novels that deliver it aren’t particularly easy to find, but here writer Ryan Britt is producing a fantastic reading list in an excellent series of reviews. Included in the books he’s covered so far are Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love (one of the most amazing novels I’ve ever read), Blindness by Jose Saramago, and Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart. Check it out 🙂


The Book Ferret is a Violin in a Void feature that will showcase interesting book-related finds – gadgets, websites, book stores, events, cover art, quotes, new releases, etc.; anything bookworms would enjoy hearing about.

If you’d like to do your own Book Ferret post, grab the picture, link it back here, and let me know about it in the comments. I’ll be sure to mention your post in my next Book Ferret.

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