New books, new books!

I’m at home in Cape Town, taking a holiday from Addis Ababa, and one of the many great things about that is the chance to get some review copies in print (I usually get eBooks, thanks to an unreliable postal system). Of course, there are the weight limits of my luggage to think about, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. In the meantime – look, new books!

Kelly from Pan Macmillan SA gave me a wonderful welcome home with 6 lovely books that were waiting for me by the time I arrived.

I’d asked Kelly for a review copy of Kraken, as it’s the only Mieville novel I don’t have yet. The rest was a selection of mostly older works that she very kindly made for me, based on my tastes.

Don DeLillo's Point Omega (2010) and Falling Man (2007), Picador editions


Neal Asher's Prador Moon (2006) and Gridlinked (2001), Tor


Powersat (2005) by Ben Bova, Tor


I also got a copy of Neal Stephenson’s latest novel, Reamde thanks to Candice at Penguin SA. Penguin SA is the local distributor for Atlantic Books, who published this edition of Reamde.

Like most of Stephenson’s novels, this is one big-ass book (1044 pages) and since its weight probably equals a few pairs of jeans and some shoes, I will be reading and reviewing it asap so I don’t have to worry about putting it in my luggage.

Reamde should be available in trade paperback at South African stores from tomorrow (1 October), at a recommended retail price of R225.

4 thoughts on “New books, new books!

  1. Lol sorry I had to laugh when you said “look new books” because I do that too. Its that same feeling when you 5 and someone unexpectedly hands you a bar of chocolate. You just can’t help beaming.

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