Up for Review: Kingdom of Strangers

Oops, I requested another third-in-series novel, without every having heard of the first two…. But not to worry, this definitely looks like it can stand alone. I’m also really curious about the context – a mystery set in Saudi Arabia, where the story is affected by the society’s repressive religious doctrines, and one of the investigators is a woman.

Kingdom of Strangers by Zoë Ferraris (Little, Brown)

Marketing copy from NetGalley:

A secret grave in the desert is unearthed revealing the mutilated bodies of nineteen women and the shocking truth that a serial killer has been operating undetected in Jeddah for more than a decade.

However, lead inspector Ibrahim Zahrani is distracted by a mystery closer to home. His mistress has suddenly disappeared, but he cannot report her missing, since adultery is punishable by death. With nowhere to turn, Ibrahim brings the case to Katya, one of the few women on the force. Drawn into both investigations, she must be increasingly careful to hide a secret of her own.

Portraying the lives of women in one of the most closed cultures in the world, award-winning author Zoë Ferraris weaves a tale of psychological suspense that delves into the darkest corners of the Saudi underworld.

Zoë Ferraris moved to Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the first Gulf War to live with her then husband and his extended family of Saudi-Palestinian Bedouins. She has an MFA from Columbia University and is the author of two previous novels, Finding Nouf and City of Veils. She lives in San Francisco.

Kingdom of Strangers is the third in a series entitled Nayir al-Sharqi, and will be published on 5 June by Little, Brown.


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