Up for Review: Terminal Island

In doing my research for this post, I learned that Walter Greatshell is the real name of W.G. Marshall. And W.G. Marshall is the author of Enormity, which was one of my favourite reads this year. Which means I’m really looking forward to Terminal Island now.

Terminal Island by Walter Greatshell (Night Shade Books)

Marketing copy from NetGalley:

Henry Cadmus grew up on Catalina Island, a scenic vacationland off the Southern California coast. But Henry’s experiences were far from idyllic. Today, even though Henry has seen firsthand the horrors of war, the ghastly images that haunt his dreams is one he associates with his childhood… and the island: a snarling pig-man holding a cleaver; a jackal-headed woman on a high balcony, dripping blood; strange occult rituals… and worse. If it was up to Henry, he would avoid the island entirely.

But Henry is returning to Catalina Island. At his wife Ruby’s insistence, Henry, Ruby, and their infant daughter are coming to Avalon, so that Henry can face his fears, exorcise his demons, and reconcile with the one he fears most… his mother.

From Walter Greatshell, author of Xombies comes Terminal Island, a novel of cosmic horror.


Terminal Island is due to be published on 4 December 2012 by Night Shade Books.

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Greetings from Terminal Island!

The Author:
Nowadays I live with my wife and son in Providence, Rhode Island. When not writing satirical horror novels a la Xombies, I dabble in freelance illustration (with an eye to creating dark children’s books, comics or graphic novels), humorous nonfiction (a throwback to my early days as a freelance journalist and arts critic), and stage acting (most recently in local productions of Oedipus Rex and Karel Capek’s R.U.R.). Which is to say I’m unemployed. The last real job I had was as a graveyard-shift nuclear-submarine technician, and before that I was the general manager of a Providence landmark: the Avon Cinema. What I do next is anyone’s guess. – from Walter Greatshell’s website

Twitter and on Twitter as W.G. Marshall
List of Works
Writing as W.G. Marshall for The Night Bazaar (a blog by Night Shade Books’s authors)



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