The Book Ferret: Podcast on Caribbean Folkore

The Book Ferret

I was rather lax in my review-writing this morning and I’ve got a lot of reading scheduled for today, so I thought I’d just do a quick post to share something nice with you. Last night I listened to a wonderful podcast of Karen Lord and Nalo Hopkinson chatting about Caribbean folklore with Karen Burnham at the World Fantasy Convention in 2011.

Aside from one or two short stories, I have no knowledge of Caribbean folklore, so I loved listening to these two authors swap tales and compare regional differences (Lord is from Barbados and Hopkinson is from Jamaica). So many of the stories were fantastically creepy – does anyone know of any good horror anthologies based on folklore? The authors also talk about how these tales are influenced by cultural and social concerns – sugar production and slavery, protecting your children, alcoholism, etc. giving a great sense of how folklore is developed and used. So informative and entertaining 🙂

The Book Ferret is a Violin in a Void feature that showcases interesting book-related finds – gadgets, websites, book stores, events, cover art, quotes, new releases, etc.; anything the bookish would enjoy hearing about.

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