The SA Fiction Collection

It is time, I’ve decided, to build a collection of South African fiction, particularly South African genre fiction. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime fiction and anything else that takes my fancy – I want it in print and, if possible, I want it signed. I’ve picked up a few here and there, beginning with the dire social and political fiction bought for university courses, depressing enough to make your eyes bleed and heart wither (actually, I think I gave those away; I won’t miss them). Then, like a flash, a copy of Moxyland by Lauren Beukes, bought with my staff discount when I worked at Exclusive Books. Suddenly reading local fiction could be a pleasure, could be fun, even when it was serious. Slowly, I sought out more. I went to the occasional book launch or panel discussion and got signatures. I became familiar with the names and spotted them at sales and second-hand stores. And recently I’ve received a few review copies.

Maia, my cat, and part of my SA fiction collection. The rest of the books are in Cape Town

Maia, and part of my SA fiction collection. The rest of the books are in Cape Town

One day, they will have their own shelf, but for now they will be a new feature on my blog. I’ll share pictures, information, thoughts on any launches I was able to attend, and the occasional review or flash review. I’ll add to the excitement about the latest titles, but hopefully turn some attention towards the obscure ones as well. Readers outside SA probably won’t be able to get many of the titles at the moment, but I’ll do my best to find out what’s available internationally. Feel free to let me know about other genre titles that you think I should check out, or let me know about local stores with good selections (new or second-hand), sales, and signing opportunities. Regardless of whether or not I can take advantage of those myself, I can always put up an announcement.

I hope you all enjoy the new feature 🙂 Happy reading!


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