Up for Review: iD

Last year, I was very impressed with Madeline Ashby’s debut novel, vN, about artificially intelligent robots that had initially been created for sexual purposes, but are now struggling to integrate with human society as people. It offered a lot of ideas about free will, the ‘reality’ of emotion, and the possibilities of AI in human society, with lots of interesting motivations at play between the characters.

vN was the first novel in The Machine Dynasty series, and one of the few novels that had me looking forward to its sequel. Now I have it.

iD by Madeline AshbyiD by Madeline Ashby (Angry Robot)

NetGalley Blurb:


Javier is a self-replicating humanoid on a journey of redemption.

Javier’s quest takes him from Amy’s island, where his actions have devastating consequences for his friend, toward Mecha where he will find either salvation… or death.

File Under: Science Fiction [ vN2 | Island in the Streams | Failsafe No More | The Stepford Solution ]

iD will be published on 25 June 2013 by Angry Robot Books.

Angry Robot
Read an excerpt at Tor

About the Author
Madeline Ashby is a science fiction writer and strategic foresight consultant living in Toronto. She has been writing fiction since she was about thirteen years old. (Before that, she recited all her stories aloud, with funny voices and everything.) Her fiction has appeared in Nature, Tesseracts, Escape Pod, FLURB, the Shine Anthology, and elsewhere. Her non-fiction has appeared at BoingBoing.net, io9.com, Tor.com, Online Fandom, and WorldChanging. She is a member of the Cecil Street Irregulars, one of Toronto’s oldest genre writers’ workshops. She holds a M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (her thesis was on anime, fan culture, and cyborg theory) and a M.Des. in strategic foresight & innovation (her project was on the future of border security).
Twitter: @MadelineAshby


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