The Kingdom of Gods read-along part 3

The Kingdom of GodsHi everyone! It’s part 3 of The Kingdom of Gods read-along, covering chapters 11-13. OUr host this week is Grace from Books Without Any Pictures, so head over to her place to get the links to the other replies.

Here’s what I thought (spoilers, obviously):

1.  What are your theories on Kahl?  Who is he, and what is he up to?
I think he is Sieh and Enefa’s son – an elontid. But since having a child is antithetical to Sieh’s nature, Enefa wiped the knowledge of him from Sieh’s memory, and kept him hidden. If no one knew about him, Sieh could be kept safe. I don’t know how long Kahl would have been hidden and alone for, but it would have been millennia, and that could explain his anger (and possibly his complete and utter insanity – we don’t know much about Kahl’s state of mind at this point).

If Kahl is behind the Arameri murders, then I’m not sure what his agenda is. Revenge for his father Sieh? Inciting a Gods’ War as revenge for the way he was treated? I don’t know.

It makes sense that he would have the audacity to do it though – he’s separate from the other godlings so probably does not care about Yeine’s rule against killing humans or interfering with human society.


2.  We finally get to meet Oree’s daughter, Glee.  Is she what you expected?  What do you think about her role on the council and her hiding Itempas?
Yes, she’s what I expected. I knew this person would be powerful and probably as determined and level-headed as Oree. So, when we first encountered Glee in Ahad’s office, I wondered if she might be Oree’s daughter, especially since she looks similar, with her afro and dark skin. It was definitely my first guess when she appeared at the council meeting later; it didn’t seem likely that the gods would allow an ordinary human to be part of the group, and I was waiting for Oree’s child to pop up somewhere.

I’m relieved that she’s hiding Itempas and that something bad hasn’t happened to him. I’m not exactly sure who she’s protecting him from though. Yeine? The godlings?

I’m also pleased to hear that Itempas is taking the command to right his wrongs seriously, and that some of the godlings are involved in the endeavour. It actually gives them a good reason to wipe out the Arameri (righting that one “whopping” wrong), but Itempas, as Glee says, would always fight for order. As his representative, I assume Glee would too, will argue for anti-war measures in the council. Which is great; I don’t want war either.


3.  What’s up with Deka?  Does he really like Sieh, or is he using him for some later gain?
I’m glad Deka’s not just ok but happy, sane and the most powerful scrivener the world has ever seen. Another demon 🙂 I think it’s possible that Deka has some plan he hasn’t told Sieh about, but I thought his affection for Sieh was genuine. If anything, it’s his desire for Sieh that might become an issue, rather than any malice. There was just one thing about their interaction that worried me a little – Sieh was about to ask where Deka heard about the details of Shahar’s betrayal, and Deka kissed him instead of answering. Is there something important about that answer? Does Deka use spy holes like that demon priest in the previous book?

Oh, and why didn’t Deka and Shahar’s blood kill Sieh if they’re both demons? Still wondering exactly what happened there.


4.  In this section, we’re introduced to two new forms of magic–Deka’s use of the gods’ language, and the Darre masks.  What do you think about them?  How do you think the mask will be used?  Does it have anything to do with Sieh’s affliction?
My first guess was that the mask might be used to restore Sieh’s godhood. I’m still holding out hope that Kahl is not (entirely) evil, and wants to give Sieh a chance at being a father. But being a father will kill him, so Kahl needs a mask to counteract that. On the downside, it’s possible Kahl only wants to restore him so he can fight him as an equal.

However, Kahl also seems to hate the idea of being a slave to his nature, and says he wants to control fate, which suggests that he wants to use the mask himself, to be powerful enough to behave in whatever way he wants. That might give him the power to save Sieh though.

Deka’s magic is pretty awesome, but we have no idea what kind of potential it has. It could be really dangerous – as a demon it’s quite possible he could use the magic against the gods. And what would happen if he used that one mask?


5.  What secret do you think Enefa wiped from Sieh’s memory?
The child they conceived together (see no.1). Nemmer’s theory about Enefa hiding him makes perfect sense – she could keep him alive by keeping him hidden. From his vague, reawakening memories, I get the impression that Sieh’s union with Enefa was reluctant – he longed for her, and we know he’s always wanted to be part of the Three, but he also knew it would kill him and he was terrified. Enefa should have known better, but seemed to be driven by lust. It was undoubtedly a mistake, so Enefa’s secret could also have been a way of hiding her own crime against Sieh.


– I loved the conversation Sieh had with the godling Egan at the beginning of this section. It added yet another layer to our knowledge of the Gods’ War. In book 1, there was the ‘official’ version – Itempas defeating his traitorous sister and evil brother. There was also the ‘truth’ – Itempas murdered Enefa; Nahadoth and the Enefadeh were defeated and enslaved when they rose up against him. In book 2 we got Itempas’s side of the story. Now we get the godlings POV – the idea that the Enefadeh were “infected” by Nahadoth’s fury and went mad just as Itempas did. Egan says they not only killed adversaries but those who sought a peaceful resolution or tried to help the humans. It reached the point where the godlings thought enslaving the Enefadeh was their only hope. No wonder so many of Sieh’s siblings are angry with him.

Nevertheless, I felt sorry for Sieh at the need of this conversation, when it became clear how very, very lonely he’s been.

– I’m enjoying the way Sieh’s character is unfolding. The conversation with Nsana was very enlightening. There is hope in Nsana’s insistence that Sieh needs to grow up, but that does mean growing old. Even Enefa didn’t think he could be a little boy forever. Obviously Sieh has resisted growing up – to his own detriment – but that means he can change rather than become mortal and die.

3 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Gods read-along part 3

  1. It was great to see how Deka is thriving! I thought his affection was genuine, too, but it seems like he does have some kind of plot going on.

    On the demon thing, my theory was that maybe Ahad wasn’t quite a godling yet when he put himself in the Arameri bloodline. He started off as sort of a mortal half of god, and he was still not really a godling in book 2, I think. Maybe that could explain how Deka and Shahar’s blood didn’t kill Sieh.

    I’m hoping Kahl plans to restore Sieh’s godhood, too, but that seems very optimistic :).

  2. Ooh, I hadn’t thought of Deka spying, but it makes a lot of sense. He is an Arameri, after all, and he’d be using all the tools available to him to make sure his sister is safe.

    I’m wondering if maybe Deka and Shahar are demons, but that something with the oath meant that their blood didn’t kill Sieh like it should have, but changed the magic. I have no idea how it could have happened though.

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