New Feature: Daily Reads

Daily ReadsLately I’ve wanted to get a bit more organised about my online reading, partly for interest’s sake, and partly to improve my reviews and my blog by maintaining a good general perspective of relevant topics. My goals are to:

1. Pay more attention to the blogs I follow.

2. Keep up with the latest news in sff and the literary scene in general.

3. Learn new things and get fresh perspectives from essays and opinion pieces.


With so much content online, it can be fiendishly difficult to stay focused, so I have a few strategies:

– Make a list of blogs I follow, visit each of them at least once a month, and leave a comment if there’s an article that interests me.

– Set aside an hour each day for online reading (while trying not to get distracted by email, Twitter, fb).

– Start a new blogging feature as a way of encouraging myself to stick to the plan.


The new feature will be Daily Reads, and it will consist of 3 or 4 links to the day’s best online reading – reviews, short stories, essays/articles, news, etc. It’ll be short enough that I should be able to keep up with the blogging schedule (I’m aiming for about three posts a week) and you’ll be able to read through the whole list in an hour if you want to. And if you know of any sff-related pieces that you think are worth checking out, feel free to let me know in the comments, either here or in any of the feature posts, which will kick off on Monday.

Hope you enjoy it!

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