South African Book Blogs

Hi everyone, this is just a quick post to draw your attention to a new page on my blog – South African Book Blogs (find it on the menu at the top of the page). We’ve got a growing community of book reviewers, and I thought it was time to put together a list of all our blogs, so that readers, authors, and publishers can find us quickly and easily. I asked the bloggers to specify the genres they review, so you know where to go to find the content you’re looking for.

I’m always keen to add new blogs to the list, so if you too are a South African who has a book reviewing blog, or if you regularly review and promote South African fiction and would like to be on this list, please contact violininavoid(at)gmail(dot)com with the following information

  • the name of your blog
  • a link to your blog
  • your tagline, if you have one
  • the genres you most often review
  • (optional) any other important information eg. If you also write movie reviews, if you specialise in indie fiction, etc. Please keep this brief (1-2 lines max).

Any suggestions would also be welcome. I’ve passed this list on to the other bloggers to use on their sites, and if I get any new entries, I’ll update the list and send it out.

Happy reading!