The Book Ferret: Nude Reading is Sexy

I found this through the Daily Radness of the very lovely Biblio Babes, and couldn’t resist using it for a Book Ferret post.

Nude Reading is Sexy

So yeah, it’s basically a website with pictures of people reading naked and anyone can submit one. And apparently there’s something called Naked Reading Sunday too. How awesome is that? The pictures have varying degrees of nudity, from none at all to full frontals, so if you’re sensitive, you’ve been warned. I really like how relaxed the pictures are – all body types, messy rooms in the background, people just being themselves. Lots of sexy reading glasses too, and bold, sexy geekiness throughout. It really is rather alluring.

My absolute favourite is this one of a cute guy reading in the bath with an equally cute cat chilling on his shoulder (on page 7, at the time):

And now I’m really tempted to submit one of my own.

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If you’d like to do your own Book Ferret post, grab the picture, link it back here, and let me know about it in the comments. I’ll be sure to mention your post in my next Book Ferret.